Limelight Taps Telia Carrier for Transit

Content delivery network (CDN) specialist Limelight Networks has deployed Telia Carrier’s IP transit and wavelength services in North America and Europe. These services will expand Limelight’s global infrastructure, support backbone traffic and enhance the end-user experience.

Given the sustained demand for digital content by end-users, media, content and gaming companies continue to utilize CDN providers to deliver high-quality Internet services. CDNs connect a vast distributed system of servers across the globe deployed in facilities nearest the end-users, optimizing speed, performance and latency, while minimizing delay. With Telia Carrier’s global footprint of high-speed services, these solutions provide Limelight with high-performance capacity and connectivity to many Internet peering locations to meet increasing demands for bandwidth.

“Consumers today demand the highest quality online experiences at any time, on any device, and from anywhere,” said Art Kazmierczak, director of network and business development, Americas, at Telia Carrier. “Limelight choosing Telia Carrier to deliver services to meet these demands reflects our ability to turn up services quickly and provide a resilient, global backbone at the highest speeds available. We’re committed to continually expanding, updating and optimizing our network to keep pace with the increasing demand for digital content.”

Telia Carrier’s global fiber backbone was built organically, without acquisitions, and is the first to be 100G-enabled in both Europe and North America. It is also the first network to successfully transmit 1 Tbps on its US network.

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