Mastek Intros Next-Gen CX Platform with NVIDIA Accelerated Computing

MASTEK, a trusted digital engineering and cloud transformation partner, is advancing its icxPro platform with NVIDIA accelerated computing. Offering the next generation of CX solutions powered by AI, icxPro marks a significant stride in Mastek’s non-linear growth strategy.

The icxPro cloud-native platform is designed for building scalable AI applications, and helps to streamline the development of domain-specific AI applications using the full-stack NVIDIA accelerated computing platform, which includes NVIDIA NIM microservices that are part of its AI Enterprise software platform. Running on NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs, Mastek’s icxPro should allow businesses to achieve faster time-to-market while unlocking business value. The key solutions this platform will bring to the manufacturing, healthcare and BFSI sectors are:

  • CX management.
  • Faster time-to-market.
  • Enhanced customer engagement.

“We are excited to collaborate with NVIDIA to roll out business solutions in machine parts, intelligent fraud management and intelligent supply chain for manufacturing, BFSI and healthcare,” said Ritwik Batabyal, CTO and innovation officer with Mastek. “icxPro, built on the full-stack NVIDIA accelerated computing platform, simplifies the integration process and eliminates technical complexities, allowing businesses to focus on innovation and driving real business outcomes.”

“Enterprises across industries face significant challenges in deploying scalable AI solutions that enhance customer experience and streamline operations,” said John Fanelli, VP of enterprise software, NVIDIA. “By integrating NVIDIA NIM and other NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, developers using Mastek icxPro have a powerful, cloud-native solution that accelerates AI deployment and drives real business outcomes.”

Mastek’s icxPro-enabled productized solutions, powered by NVIDIA AI, has a serviceable obtainable market in the manufacturing and BFSI sectors, with strong return on capital employed, exceeding 20 percent. Mastek’s generative AI-backed insight engine transformed processed data and provided real-time updates on the availability of obsolete spare parts.

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