Metos USA, Pessl Instruments Reach Agreement with Paige Wireless

Metos USA, a U.S.-based affiliate of Pessl Instruments GmbH (Austria), has entered into an agreement with U.S. telecommunications provider Paige Wireless to manufacture and customize hardware and smart-crop solutions for its innovative LoRaWAN network.

During the past few years, Paige Wireless has been working to collaborate with local communities all throughout the Midwestern United States, establishing blanket coverage for its network across many areas underserved from other telecommunications sources.

With the network in place, work shifted to the number of information gathering solutions that could reliably communicate and offer customers real-time, accurate environmental conditions throughout their operation.

The partnership with Metos USA gives Paige Wireless access to a full lineup of environmental monitoring solutions for agriculture, city planning, turf management and ecological research tools. In turn, they provide individuals with plug and play solutions, pairing communication capability and monitoring hardware for irrigation management, environmental impact research and sustainability within the many different segments of natural resource allocation and tracking.