Microcorp Debuts Solutions Alliance

MicroCorp has announced the Solutions Alliance, an ecosystem community that brings together agents and independent providers.

The master agent launched the program with five specialized solutions providers delivering expertise in IT maintenance, asset management, domestic and international IT project management and other critical services.

“As customers increasingly consume services on a monthly billing basis, recurring commission revenue opportunities for our agent partners abound,” said Phil Keenan, MicroCorp president. “Our partners have earned their trusted advisor status with their customers around traditional telecom or data center services but the waterfront of solutions is expanding rapidly and you simply can’t build expertise in all of these areas through training. There has to be a different approach.”

Keenan continued: “The Solutions Alliance is just that, a trusted ecosystem of independent solution providers that our partners can engage with in confidence knowing that the services will be delivered and that they will get paid.”

CentricsIT is one initial partner.

“Our entire team is excited to capitalize on this synergy,” said Jon Hans, executive vice president of strategic accounts at CentricsIT. “Our scope of service offerings includes hardware sourcing, extensive IT project management, and third-party maintenance—and we service clients in more than 80 countries. We are well positioned to drive substantial new revenue opportunities for MicroCorp partners.”


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