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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Mindmatrix Launches MSP-IT Marketing and Sales Content Packages

Mindmatrix has launched a line of new content packages to provide additional marketing support for their MSP and IP partners. This service will supplement the content that is already being provided through the current MSP Advantage Program.

The content packages are geared towards targeted IT and MSP customer profiles. They include 120 emails, 100 whitepapers, 15 landing pages, 25 postcards,  12 brochures, 150 blog posts and 2,000 social media posts. The content will cover numerous topics, and will be updated on a monthly basis. Buyers can also edit the materials as needed.

Minimal editing, however, should be required. According to the company, the new marketing and sales packages are aligned with Mindmatrix’s philosophy that MSPs are too busy to produce sales and marketing documents. The MSP Advantage Program streamlines marketing and sales initiatives by providing ready-to-use, branded content in addition to a variety of other helpful services.

“Many MSPs-IT partners find that despite investing in a marketing automation tool or a sales enablement software, there is a gap and they are not getting the intended results,” said Mindmatrix CEO Harbinder Khera. “Automation alone cannot help MSPs succeed. They work only if you feed them with relevant, engaging content consistently to disseminate to leads. The Mindmatrix MSP marketing and sales content packages fills this gap by providing MSPs with ready-to-use, tailored, industry-specific content that they can use to build their brand, generate leads and grow their business in the process. Mindmatrix content packages fit in well with both MSP/IT partners who don’t have a marketing person and with those that do. Even in the case of those with a full-time or part-time marketing staff, it is always easier to modify existing content than creating something right from the scratch. This approach saves time and costs.”

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