MongoDB Announces Pay-As-You-Go on Google Cloud

MongoDB Inc., a general-purpose database platform, has introduced a pay-as-you-go MongoDB Atlas offering that can be launched from the Google Console. The offering provides developers with a simplified subscription experience and enterprises more choice in how they procure MongoDB on Google Cloud.

With the pay-as-you-go MongoDB Atlas offering, customers pay only for the resources they use and can scale based on their needs, with no up-front commitments while using their Google accounts. This offering makes it easier for customers to build, scale and manage data-rich applications with MongoDB Atlas within the Google Cloud Console.

The addition of a pay-as-you-go-offering aligns with how companies want to build modern applications – from bootstrap companies participating in the Google for Startups and MongoDB Startup programs, ranging to the largest, most complex Enterprises. The offering is available through Google Marketplace, giving companies and resellers of all sizes more flexibility in selecting the best technology stack and partners for their needs.

MongoDB Atlas provides developers with a multi-cloud database service built for resilience, scale and high levels of data privacy and security. With MongoDB Atlas, developers can build on a trusted foundation that enables them to work with data the way they want. MongoDB enables developers to integrate Atlas with Google Cloud products including BigQuery, Apigee, Tensorflow, Cloud Run, App Engine, EventArc, Cloud Functions, DataStream, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Dataproc, Dataflow, and Pub/Sub. In addition to these offerings, MongoDB and Google Cloud have expanded their joint reach across 28 global regions, including the recent availability in Toronto and Santiago.

“MongoDB and Google Cloud have a long-standing partnership, focused on driving customer success across multiple industries, such as financial services and retail, at a global scale. Developers benefit by having MongoDB Atlas now featured in the database section of Google Cloud’s console, increasing the visibility and velocity of Atlas with a wider group of users,” said Alan Chhabra, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Partners, MongoDB. “Together, Google Cloud and MongoDB will continue to work with organizations looking to streamline cloud migrations and modernize application development in order to provide their customers with a first-class experience.”

For information on how to get started, visit MongoDB Atlas in the GCP Marketplace.