Native12 Selects Netformx Application Suite

Native12, a VAR and services integrator, is now using the Netformx application suite to identify and manage its customers’ IT assets.

Native12 chose the Netformx AssetXpert and Netformx Discovery applications to expedite data acquisition and streamline the management of customer assets and support contracts. Additionally, they have chosen Netformx DesignXpert to create accurate multi-vendor proposals and validated designs and architectures.

Native12 uses Netformx AssetXpert to integrate the actual customer inventory uploaded from Netformx Discovery with the customer’s complete portfolio that AssetXpert automatically imports from Cisco databases. This enables Native12 to integrate Cisco data into their platform and extend that to their customers to enhance their ability to manage, maintain and forecast their consumption and needs around Cisco’s portfolio.

Netformx  provides innovative solutions that simplify IT sales complexity and increase seller profitability through automation, optimization, and analytics. They bring efficiency to the sales lifecycle, including pre-sales, post-sales, and subscription management. Netformx applications help Cisco partners and multi-vendor IT solution providers deliver solutions faster and more efficiently while improving profitability and customer success.