Nexusguard Launches Managed DDoS Protection Solution for VoIP Providers

Nexusguard, a leading DDoS cybersecurity solution provider, announced the launch of Nexusguard’s VoIP Protection Solution, the first-of-its-kind cloud-based managed anti-DDoS solution to protect the three critical VoIP components: IP links, session border controllers (SBC) and DNS domains for WISPs.

According to Nexusguard’s research data, the past few months have been hectic for internet service providers and users due to the recent rise in DDoS attacks aimed at VoIP providers. Attackers adopted a combination of TCP, UDP, SIP and DNS attacks to bring down targeted VoIP services. Attacks were seen over 100Gbps with high packet rate over millions per second, resulting in network congestion, call failure and poor quality.

“Attackers recognized the importance of SBCs, and to bring down SBCs, they sent multi-vector attacks towards the target using a mixture of TCP, UDP and SIP attacks. Besides SBCs and IP links being the victims, SIP domains are also under attack,” said Juniman Kasman, chief technology officer of Nexusguard, “When SIP domains become unavailable, users are unable to register themselves for SIP calls. To ensure uptime availability of VoIP services, IP link, SBC and DNS are the critical elements that require protection.”

WISPs with VoIP services could be at risk of the same type of DDoS attacks, and a well-planned defense strategy will help WISPs avoid unnecessary service issues. Nexusguard’s VoIP Protection Solution involves two flagship DDoS protection products: Origin Protection and DNS Protection.

Nexusguard’s Origin Protection is designed to protect mission-critical services across a network from L3/4 and L7 attacks. When a VoIP network is under attack, the Cloud Diversion App will trigger auto-announcement of the VoIP service block. A /24 BGP route will be announced through Nexusguard, diverting attacks to Nexusguard’s globally distributed network of scrubbing centers. Clean traffic can then be returned to customers through the Direct Connect/GRE tunnel.

VoIP providers can implement Nexusguard DNS Protection as their authoritative or secondary DNS, either by replacing or augmenting their existing DNS infrastructure. In either case, organizations receive a scalable and secure DNS network to ensure the best possible experience for their users.

To help simplify the DDoS problem, Nexusguard has launched the DDoS Simplified Program for WISPs at WISPAPALOOZA 2021, which includes a fully managed DDoS protection solution to protect their network infrastructure and critical applications (websites, DNS); 24 x 7 monitoring, attack detection and auto-diversion; an optional partnership program that enables WISPs to sell new cybersecurity services within 15 days; and no capex.