nexVortex Expands into New Data Centers

nexVortex is expanding its points of presence (POPs) into multiple new data centers across the US. 

This investment brings the company’s cloud communication services closer to customers in a number of key areas including the West Coast and Southeast. Network nodes will be placed into strategic data centers in Seattle and Atlanta, and will also provide expanded capacity and connectivity to Chicago. The company also plans to make a similar investment in Los Angeles later this year.

nexVortex’s current POPs have provided geo-redundancy for its Hosted Voice, Managed Hosted Voice, SIP Trunking, and Managed SIP Trunking services for a number of years. This recent expansion targets a move into new cities that align geographically and strategically with the data centers of other cloud services that nexVortex customers use.  

“nexVortex is dedicated to delivering quality, availability, and visibility (QAV) for our cloud communication services,” said Wes Rogers, founder and chief operating officer at nexVortex. “Fulfilling the promise of QAV requires heavy investment in network infrastructure, software, and tools. This most recent investment is just one more step in our ongoing commitment to delivering on that promise.  It is an important one, because our customers (who use other services hosted in those data centers) now have a very short hop onto our network and it expands our reach into major metro areas of the US from coast to coast.”