ngena Launches .connect for General Availability

ngena, an end-to-end orchestrated SD-WAN as a service company, launched general availability of .connect and the expansion of its MultiTech capabilities. .connect is a vendor-agnostic and integrated platform that automates processes and provides unique user experiences via a single pane of glass – throughout the whole service life cycle of an enterprise network.

.connect is an intuitive management tool for ngena’s Secure Connectivity as a Service that allows ngena partners to choose the best SD-WAN and SASE solution for their business. It simplifies the process for IT teams by putting everything on one platform, with its vendor-agnostic capability removing the need for the customer to become an expert on multiple technology platforms.

The MultiTech platform expansion also provides ngena customers with access to technology providers such as Cisco, Fortinet, Alkira and Zscaler. Expanding MultiTech capabilities on ngena’s global connectivity platform provides its partners access to an additional SD-WAN and SASE stack. It allows ngena partners to select the best fitting solution to meet customer network requirements via .connect as part of their Secure Connectivity as a Service and corresponding technologies.

.connect simplifies setting up enterprise networks from initial design and pricing to order, fulfillment and hand-over to operate, where the users can seamlessly monitor and manage the progress of each individual project and network.

The .connect solution provides fulfillment, deployment and logistics of connectivity services giving customers full visibility into every phase of the network experience, addressing a lack of visibility that 77 percent of IT team respondents experienced as the workplace changed

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