NJFX Boosts Its Interconnection Ecosystem

NJFX has announced that United Fiber & Data (UFD) has established a long-awaited, diverse route connecting NJFX to Ashburn, Virginia.

This route provides enterprises, content providers, local municipalities, and hyperscalers an alternative from the highly congested I-95 route that many carriers traverse. The new route is 341 miles long and is expected to be ready for service in 4Q20.

UFD’s diverse network connects its dense fiber footprint in New York/New Jersey Metro to Ashburn, Virginia, and provides customers the capability to deploy UFD’s diverse route as a primary or redundant path, without having to double the distance and latency via routes that traverse further west.

Customers are now able to leverage UFD’s unique route from Ashburn and extend their global reach from the NJFX CLS in Wall Township, New Jersey, with options to traverse four independent subsea cable systems including TGN1, TGN2, Seabras, and HAVFRUE/AEC2 – interconnecting North America, Europe, South America, and the Caribbean.

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In addition, NJFX’s robust ecosystem offers a critical interconnection hub with direct access to more than 10 terrestrial backhaul fiber routes across North America.