Noname Security Integrates with Leading SOAR Platforms

Noname Security announced integrations with security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) platform providers Swimlane, Tines and Palo Alto Networks. The integrations enable customers to automate and streamline API security incident response processes, enhance threat detection, accelerate remediation and improve visibility and reporting.

In the API Disconnect Report 2023 released by Noname Security earlier this year, findings revealed that although 94 percent of security professionals are confident in their current application testing tools, 78 percent have experienced an API security incident this year. With these SOAR integrations, Noname Security has built an easy-to-use solution that can run in minutes within organizations’ existing platforms.

API security has become a critical piece of the cybersecurity puzzle. Through strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as IBM, Intel, Microsoft, and Wiz, among others, Noname Security has emerged as a driving force in the collective effort to propel cyber resilience within organizations.

The combined Noname Security and SOAR platform integrations offer a number of key customer benefits, including:

  • Enhanced threat detection – Noname Security has elevated its capabilities by seamlessly integrating API security data with other security events and intelligence feeds. These integrations not only enhance threat detection accuracy but also deliver valuable contextual insights into potential risks while also making this data available to other platforms.
  • Streamlined incident response – Noname Security can trigger automated workflows, enabling customers to react more swiftly, effectively, and completely in response to API security incidents.
  • Efficient remediation – Noname Security’s SOAR integrations empower security teams to automate the remediation of API vulnerabilities and threats, reducing the impact of security incidents on their organization.
  • Improved visibility and reporting – Noname Security users can harness the power of SOAR technologies to create all-encompassing reports and dashboards. These integrations offer a comprehensive overview of API security throughout the organization, enhancing decision-making capabilities and automating compliance reporting for more informed and streamlined operations.

Noname Security’s dataset has implications for, and can be leveraged by other security teams and programs across the enterprise – including asset/configuration management, vulnerability management, and API registration.

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