NTT Com Unveils SD-WAN Portfolio

NTT Communications has launched the NTT SD-WAN Service Portfolio, with coverage spanning over 190 countries.

It marks a milestone for NTT Com, which has become the world’s first global provider to deploy a 100-percent software defined network (SDN).

The NTT SD-WAN platform is locally distributed around the world via 75+ local cloud centers (LCCs), optimized for network, mobility and security services. It offers insight into application performance, network security and the end-user experience, and also supports the delivery of services from customer premises equipment located at customer branch offices.

“Digital transformation is at the heart of every modern enterprise today, fundamentally changing companies’ business models,” said Shuichi Sasakura, senior vice president of network services and board member of NTT Com. “The global NTT SD-WAN Service Portfolio is an end-to-end solution that provides organizations with a highly flexible and agile network that is fully tailored to their specific requirements and enables them to better compete in today’s digital economy.”

NTT Com is leveraging software defined technology and platform acquired via the Virtela acquisition in 2014. Virtela, a leader in SDN, was offering software defined network services to enterprises for over 12 years at the time of acquisition.

“NTT SD-WAN Service Portfolio is backed by our employees’ unmatched passion for customer support,” says Ron Haigh, president of Virtela, which is now NTT Com’s global enterprise network business unit. “NTT Com would like to thank our customers, partners, and employees for helping us achieve this software defined networking industry milestone.”