OneLayer, Druid Software Announce Partnership

OneLayer, a pioneer in securing private LTE/5G networks for enterprises, announced it has partnered with Druid Software, a global provider of private cellular network core software solutions for enterprises. OneLayer will secure Druid Software’s 5G private network domain, ultimately providing its clients, including system integrators, with a platform and the abilities they need to deliver and support end-to-end cellular networks to the enterprise.

Private cellular networks provide organizations with connectivity on a different level, including increased reliability, a dedicated bandwidth with capacity and range, no lag time and connectivity of IoT and OT devices across vast areas.

As organizations adopt these networks, they must consider a critical element of successful network deployment, namely, integrating the cellular network with the enterprise’s existing IT network. To accomplish this integration, organizations need to keep the network secured, including visibility and segmentation. Druid Software, a core cellular network software company, and OneLayer’s partnership provide a solution that removes the security concerns for Druid’s clients.

OneLayer is integrating its SaaS solution on Druid Software equipment, allowing for seamless security for any private LTE/5G network running on Druid Software’s core. Its solution for securing private cellular networks will enable network security using a zero-trust approach, asset management, cellular and IoT device fingerprinting, and policy enforcement that allows network segmentation and anomaly detection, among other capabilities, securing devices connected to Druid Software’s core.

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