Open Door Mobile Sales App to Integrate with TrustedTPV

Open Door, the  door-to-door mobile sales application, is expanding its TPV partnerships through a new system integration with TrustedTPV, a provider of third-party verification (TPV) services.

The two companies have partnered to integrate Realtime’s mobile sales software directly with the TPV services of TrustedTPV. The integration of the two systems opens the door to a streamlined sales process for energy marketers that reduces overall call times and expenses. Field sales reps can submit TPV requests electronically from the field directly to the back-office teams at TrustedTPV.

“This partnerships empowers an entirely different approach to TPV,” said Tom Brockhaus, Realtime Results vice president. “Normally, a field sales rep generates a sale and captures the information on a paper order form. Then the field rep has to make a call to a TPV agent to complete the order. It required a complicated paper trail and kept the sales rep tied up at the customer’s home until the order was completed.”

He added, “Using Open Door and TrustedTPV, orders are submitted electronically and served up directly to a TrustedTPV rep who processes the order and then places a short call to the customer to complete the process. As a result, sales reps spend less time at the home and the order information is captured with fewer errors. The process also reduces the length of the TPV call, generating savings for energy marketers.”

Beyond altering the TPV process, Open Door also lets energy marketers track and monitor their field sales teams through GPS tracking. Built-in reporting also gives them real-time insight into where and when sales occur and sales rep performance.

“Realtime Results delivers critical information to our clients,” explains Larry Leikin, vice president of sales at TrustedTPV. “It is fully integrated into the Trusted platform, allowing our clients to save time and money. The combination of TrustedTPV and Realtime Results will be a game changer in the industry.”