Opengear Launches Channel Certification Program

Opengear has launched the Opengear Channel Certification Program, the company’s first technical certification program for its Network Resilience platform.

The program includes a complete suite of critical tools, education, resources, and training that channel members require to drive new revenue. Addressing the increasing demand for smart out-of-band management and NetOps automation solutions, the Opengear program gives sales engineers, solutions architects, and other network professionals in-depth knowledge about Opengear’s best-in-class technology. Participants also learn to effectively demo products and provide customer service remotely from anywhere. The program not only helps the channel develop new and ongoing revenue streams, but can also reduce sales cycles since no travel or on-site visits are required.

Certified channel participants receive a thorough review of critical network-management challenges facing organizations today and the solutions to address evolving needs. The end-to-end training courses cover topics ranging from command line interface access to firewall settings and configuring USB ports to managing a separate management plane, securing and conducting failover to cellular, and implementing advanced NetOps automation.

The program also includes a series of instructional videos and on-demand lessons. Participants must pass a series of quizzes and comprehensive tests to complete the program and earn a diploma showcasing their qualifications.