Paessler Revamps VAR Program for Network Monitoring

Paessler AG, the network-monitoring specialist, has announced a revamped partner program for VARs and resellers that features an improved deal registration process, rewards for marketing activities and an enhanced certification program.

Paessler’s partner program has been redesigned to feature four tiers (platinum, gold, silver and bronze), offering incentives for various marketing programs, discounts on licenses, upgrades and renewals, and certifications at all levels, with increasing deal registration discounts offered as the levels progress.

Partner levels are determined by a combination of sales volume and marketing activities, rather than strictly on sales, making it easier for partners of all sizes to gain access to the programs benefits.

Deal registration discounts of up to 25 percent apply and registered deals are valid for 90 days, as opposed to 30 under the former program.

“PRTG has already proven itself with many of our customers as a network monitoring software that is powerful and easy to use. It fits into any budget, grows with the customer’s needs and is simple to install,” said Cindy Tenner, director of marketing at Paessler partner Broadleaf. “The protection of deal registration and access to co-marketing initiatives with Paessler’s new partner program will help us to further grow our business while providing excellent network monitoring to our customers.”