PCCW Global and Frequentis Announce Collaboration

PCCW Global and Frequentis, a supplier of safety-critical communication and information solutions, have collaborated to deliver aviation-specific SaaS technologies over the newly-commissioned Common Aeronautical Virtual Private Network (CRV) that serves International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)’s Asia Pacific and the Middle East (APAC and MID) regions.

Since developing the ICAO CRV network for the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions, PCCW Global has aimed at expanding the network by offering value-added services on top of the advanced aeronautical network. These services cover the provision of critical information through the globally interoperable System Wide Information Management (SWIM) infrastructure, interfaces and exchange models.

The CRV network itself has been built on top of PCCW Global’s high-speed and robust international IP network, with mission-critical connections running on a diversified infrastructure, supporting multiple aviation-specific connectivity protocols.

In a world-first for the aviation industry, the company says, PCCW Global and Frequentis have developed the SWIM services on a private and scalable SaaS platform that will also host additional aviation-specific applications such as smartSIS and smartWeather.

By combining PCCW Global’s network infrastructure with Frequentis’ proven knowledge and experience in application development for the aviation industry, Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) will now be able to benefit from SWIM initiatives without the high investment costs and development expenses of traditional systems. The new network-based services will enable ICAO members to exchange data more efficiently over a standard protocol and utilise a secure, advanced and high-speed common infrastructure technology.

Key benefits include:

  • A secure and stable platform dedicated to CRV users
  • Scalable, flexible managed services
  • Infrastructure based on a cost-effective OPEX model

PCCW Global has launched its IWXXM Translation and Exchange services as the first in a series of modules that will include a variety of aviation-specific services and based on the ICAO standardized exchange models including Flight Information Exchange Model (FIXM) and Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM).

The services are hosted on a high-availability private platform in a fully managed and controlled environment which connects to CRV network infrastructure with the approval of the ICAO and CRV Operation Group (CRV-OG).