Snom Announces Standardized 3CX Template for North American Users

Snom has announced a new standardized template for North American users on the 3CX Communications System.

3CX is a global leader in business communications solutions. The two companies joined forces to simplify Snom’s provisioning process on the 3CX platform, eliminating the need for any customization. This new integration means rapid, easily-managed deployments on 3CX with the latest Snom SIP offerings.

Comprehensive tests accompanied the standardization of the Snom template on 3CX’s communications system. The updated standardized template is available for download via “Updates” within the 3CX Management Console.

Follow these simple steps to provision your Snom D7xx devices on 3CX:

  • Phone Provisioning > Options
  • Select English (US) for Phone Display Language
  • When English (US) is selected, North American-centric settings make the phone’s behavior more conducive for the North American user

During the provisioning process, the phone will automatically upgrade to Once the upgrade is complete, the user can expect the following North American-centric behavior, updated based on customer feedback.

Transfer behavior

In the transfer dial screen, dialing a number and pressing OK or selecting the transfer key would usually blind transfer the active call. Instead, this updated setting allows a typical outbound call with options to safe transfer (“blind transfer”) or an attended transfer.


When placing an active call on hold, the user will no longer hear the dial tone.

Auto Dial

Auto dialing is set by default to 6 seconds after the last digit is dialed.

Call Waiting

While on an active call and receiving a second call, the new caller information is displayed on the main screen. While still on the active call, you will hear the call waiting tone; however, any action taken on the phone affects the new caller, not the active call.

Provisioning URL

This only applies when using DHCP Option 66, now defaulted to “off.” The values found in the DHCP Options 66 & 67 will now clear after a reboot.

Updated soft key displays when in different call states

  • Connected Call – users will now see Conference, Hold, and Transfer
  • Call Holding – users will now see Conference, Retrieve, and Transfer
  • Incoming Call – users will now see Transfer

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