SoftIron Launches Global Channel Partner Program

SoftIron, a leader in purpose-built and performance-optimized data center solutions, has  announced the launch of its global channel partner program, SoftIron + Co.

The program aims to build an elite, world-class community of profitable, successful channel partners to accelerate SoftIron’s market share growth through unique business value that expand reseller capabilities and offerings.

The SoftIron + Co. program will give channel partners the ability to differentiate themselves by expanding their access to SoftIron’s fully integrated, open source-based data center solutions and services. SoftIron resellers will be able to offer powerful, open source technology, such as Ceph, in hardware packages uniquely built through a task-specific approach that enables levels of performance and efficiency that isn’t common with commodity hardware.

SoftIron, known for its HyperDrive software-defined storage portfolio, distinguishes itself by offering appliances that are task-specific, meaning they are hardware-optimized around their open source cores, such as Ceph.

Rather than the traditional method of using commodity, off-the-shelf hardware and optimizing the software to try to eliminate bottlenecks, SoftIron has designed the hardware around the needs of the operating source code, delivering unparalleled performance, control and support. SoftIron offers its customers peace of mind through a unique “Secure Provenance” manufacturing approach, assuring integrity and transparency of product realization through its own component-level manufacturing capability.