PCCW Global chosen for a safer Asia-Pacific CRV aviation network

The representative officers of the Asia/Pacific Office of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and its member states have announced a new, secure, and robust Common aeRonautical Virtual (CRV) private network. The network was commissioned at the beginning of 2019 through a successful pilot testing conducted jointly by a number of member states and PCCW Global.

This ruling gives PCCW Global the green light to begin connecting about 40 ICAO member states and administrations across APAC to the new service.

Regional aeronautical network service providers (ANSPs) have historically lacked a common networking infrastructure, which has led to network management and security challenges, technology upgrade difficulties, and inefficient operations.

Also, the aviation industry has experienced dramatic growth in the volume of air traffic over the past few decades, resulting in the need for a more robust and secure aviation network. The ICAO member states in APAC decided to engage with a single telecommunications operator to provide private network services for the exchange of aeronautical information between the various ANSPs, and PCCW Global was successful in the APAC tender for this region’s CRV.

The APAC CRV has been built leveraging PCCW Global’s high-speed international IP network, with mission-critical connections running across a diversified infrastructure supporting multiple aviation-specific applications.