Peerless Launches Hosted Least-Cost Routing Solution

CHICAGO – Peerless Network announced the launch of a hosted least-cost routing (LCR) solution for carriers, service providers and enterprise customers.

The solution provides customers benefits of traditional least-cost routing products without having to integrate software or add complex translations into their own network. As part of the offering, the customer controls call routing decisions, vendor selection and price negotiations.

Traffic is delivered to Peerless where it is then routed to the customer’s predefined route choices.

Through secure access to the cloud-based LCR platform and a single SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) interface to Peerless Network, customers can optimize their termination costs from anywhere and at any time.

This approach to implementing least-cost routing illustrates Peerless Network’s commitment to simplifying how networks, devices and people connect.

“This is a powerful tool for customers,” said Rick Knight executive vice president of sales and marketing for Peerless Network. “Our customers want to reduce costs without further burdening their operations teams and our hosted LCR answers that call.

According to Peerless Networks, typical LCR software implementations often require a labyrinth of switch translations and upfront license fees.

With Peerless Network’s hosted LCR solution, customers can leverage a single interconnection and control routing from within Peerless’ network to reach their preferred providers based on NPA-NXX, NPA-NXX-X, LATA, OCN, country code, other local exchange routing guide constructs as well as bilateral agreements.

Peerless’ Hosted LCR solution:

• Significantly lowers upfront costs
• Simplifies implementation and carrier interconnections
• Eliminates the need for complex translations
• Provides optimal routing to low-cost providers of the customer’s choice
• Updates routing changes in near real-time.

The LCR software in use within Peerless’ network further establishes the company as an innovative leader of interconnection services by merging network performance and operational intelligence into a hosted platform to simplify call routing and lower network costs.

Peerless, a sponsor of the recent COMPTEL PLUS Fall 2012 Convention & EXPO, announced the release during the Oct. 7-10 show in Grapevine, Texas.

Based in Chicago, Peerless Network is among the nation’s fastest-growing privately held companies and ranked 97th overall on the 2012 Inc. 500 list.

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