Peerless Network, an Infobip Company, Launches Cloud Connect for Webex Calling

Peerless Network, a global communications provider now under the Infobip umbrella, announced that it was named a “Certified Calling Provider” for Webex Calling’s Cloud Connect program.

“Peerless Network is joining the Cloud Connect for Webex Calling program as a Certified Calling Provider,” said Amey Parandekar, VP of Product Management, Webex Calling. “Adding Peerless to our Cloud Connect program will help enable Webex Calling customers to seamlessly connect to the cloud calling network.”

“We are indeed honored to be partnering with Webex to allow their customers the flexibility to choose the voice carrier of their choice,” added EVP of Products and Technology, Peerless Network, Jim Brewer. “With Peerless’ IP network, customers enjoy the highest quality and fastest PSTN services at a competitive price point. Further, U.S.-based customers make their communications more efficient, expand their global calling footprint, and save on international calling.”

Peerless Network’s integration with Cloud Connect for Webex Calling includes geographically redundant dedicated IP interconnections between the Peerless and Webex Calling data centers. Combined with the Peerless voice network, this is expected to provide unparalleled reliability and call quality for DIDs, as well as global calling.

Peerless’ Tier 1 IP network was built from the ground up beginning in 2008. The network now carries over nine billion minutes of traffic per month, with 4,500 interconnections, service to over 200 LATAs and 99.99 percent reliability. Peerless has been a longtime and successful provider of carrier services, including Toll-Free, PSTN Control | IPES, IP Control | DIDs, Local Transit Service, Switched Access and Domestic & International Long Distance. Peerless also offers a line of communications solutions designed for Enterprise customers, including SIP Trunking, Toll-Free Services and Domestic and International Long Distance.

For more information on Peerless Networks’ products and services for the channel, visit here.