People Tech Group Launches Ackolyte, an AWS Tier Partner Consultancy

The People Tech Group introduced Ackolyte, a cloud consultancy, which is focused on helping clients migrate to and maximize the use of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Founder James Adams, an industry veteran who has built and scaled the AWS consulting units of two other partners, said he believes he has perfected the AWS partner business model with Ackolyte.

“We are launching as a fully-dedicated AWS Advanced Tier partner thanks to PTG,” Adams said, adding, “and [we] plan to achieve premier status early in 2023. We are looking to be that perfect consulting partner that is top-notch and very narrowly focused on AWS delivery based in the United States.”

AWS has nearly a thousand consulting partners, yet less than five percent has achieved the top status designation with the cloud giant, and only a handful of those are dedicated fully to AWS using exclusively U.S.-based talent.

Ackolyte runs on a regionalized model, putting together U.S.-based teams for nearby clients.

“Time zones are important, and our clients want to collaborate with our expert AWS consultants in real-time during their business hours,” Adams said.

He added that he believes Ackolyte will be a destination for top cloud talent. As other consulting firms are focused on a return to the office, Ackolyte embraces a remote-first model that gives its employees the benefits of remote work but also enables them to collaborate in-person with their regional team and clients.

Tom Taft, co-founder and advisor noted, “Ackolyte is bringing together a stable of top-notch talent and has a business model that is primed to disrupt the AWS ecosystem. This regional, U.S.-based business model will positively impact the speed and quality of our engagements.”

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