Powernet, Maxis360 Form Joint Venture

Powernet has announced a joint venture with Maxis360, a provider of IT managed services.

Powernet’s investment in the joint venture will enable both companies to provide solutions for the management of a  network and all IT needs, with 50+ years combined industry knowledge.

“We are excited about this joint venture with Maxis360,” said Allison Stevens, CEO at Powernet. “This integration is a perfect fit for our current and future clients that are looking for a complete technology partner.”

Both parties bring expertise, technology and broad distribution capabilities to the joint venture which will allow customers and prospects to benefit from this expansion. Each remains the face of their business, in addition to being able to provide added products to increase overall value to customers and prospects. Powernet will focus on creating the communication structure while Maxis360 ensures the organization has the technology to meet its objectives and be safe from any threats. Most importantly, our combined efforts will provide a comprehensive technology solution for any size business.  Headquartered in two different states, both companies plan to expand into each other’s locations.

“This joint venture will be a significant catalyst for growth for both companies,” said Rob Maynard, CFO at Maxis360. “The combination of Maxis360 and Powernet allows us to offer a true “end to end” solution for our customers.”