Quantum Loophole Taps STO to Lead Construction of Data Center Campus

Quantum Loophole, an innovative developer of Gigawatt-scale master planned data center communities, has selected the data center construction specialist team of STO Mission Critical to manage the development of Quantum Frederick, Quantum Loophole’s new data center development site in Frederick, Md.

“STO Mission Critical’s proven experience building innovative and environmentally savvy projects makes them an ideal partner in helping bring Quantum Loophole’s vision of the world’s first master-planned data center community to life,” said Scott Noteboom, CTO at Quantum Loophole. “We look forward to working together to deliver a unique and groundbreaking solution that better empowers both our customers and the community of Frederick County.”

The STO Mission Critical team is overseeing the initial infrastructure phase of the more than 2,100-acre, master-planned site. This phase involves the development of parcels, roadways, sewer, water and fiber infrastructure to support the data centers that will comprise the community.

“We are thoroughly inspired by Quantum Loophole’s vision of creating the first Gigawatt-generation data center development site in the United States, particularly with such an environmentally responsible approach,” said STO Mission Critical Vice President, Terence Deneny. “We are thrilled to help them accomplish that goal and create best practices for their future master-planned, clean cloud communities.”

During the groundbreaking ceremony in June, Quantum Loophole and STO Mission Critical planted 50 trees to kick off site reforestation, which will include thousands of new trees being planted. The first construction activities are scheduled this month and include water and sewer infrastructure with plans to access Frederick County’s ample recycled water supply as demand grows.

For more information about STO Mission Critical visit stobuildingroup.com. To learn more about Quantum Loophole’s master-planned data center communities, visit www.quantumloophole.com.