Reyburn Consulting Group Announces TEM Partnership with Warner Telecomm

Reyburn Consulting, LLC, founded by former Telesystem (Line Systems) CRO, Warren Reyburn, has announced the launch of a strategic partnership with Warner Telecomm.

This step stands to deliver the tactical objective of launching a TEM (telecom expense management) product, equipped with a client portal and full back office support staff.

“Through many of our initial partner and client engagements we identified a deficiency in conducting initial auditing efforts,” said Reyburn. “TEM software and resulting reports are phenomenal resources, but we’ve found that the suggested action items are often lost or overlooked at the client level. For example, our largest customer had two TEM solutions in place. We conducted our services and contracts review and subsequently saved them north of $2 million dollars, against an annual budget of $13 million. We latched onto our value proposition after acknowledging the data points were present but clearly the client execution was missing. Now armed with our own software resource, we stand to not only identify savings opportunities but later execute those considerations on behalf of our customers. In summary if the recommendations remain in a queue, it’s a waste of company dollars, human and software resources and ultimately leads to a recycling of the effort months or years down the line.”

Warner Telecomm’s software, featuring their Business Intelligence analytics, contract and services inventories, offers an array of canned and customizable reports. Armed with this output, RCG’s teams will develop client specific action plans and execute the respective need, be it a carrier contract overhaul, technology optimization or outright service elimination.

This activity and associated effort reinforces RCG’s operating mindset of findings clients immediate savings while injecting operational efficiencies and effectiveness into their business.

“Warren and I have partnered for over 15 years, and I know we share a client first culture,” said Tim Joos, executive vice president at Warner Telecomm. “Upon learning of the RCG launch, Warren and I identified a natural fit to continue our partnership, given the evolution of both organizations.”

“We empower partners and clients by providing cost data and related reports, but if the solutions are not implemented within an organization, clients are really missing out and frankly, wasting valuable dollars and the real potential of our software,” explained Dewayne Chandler, senior channel manager at Warner Telecomm. “That is where RCG comes in, they take ownership of the output, develop a plan to actualize the savings and see the operational improvements through to fruition.”