RTA Expands Rural gigFAST NETWORK

Rural Telecommunications of America Inc. (RTA) is expanding its nationwide gigFAST NETWORK with the acquisition of The Fusion Network headquartered in Sandwich, Illinois. The Fusion Network is a nationwide fiber wholesale network providing backhaul internet services to rural wireless internet service providers (WISP) across the United States.

As part of RTA’s strategy to narrow the digital divide between rural and urban America, RTA has developed a nationwide gigFAST NETWORK to provide gigFAST services to America’s rural communities. Additionally, RTA has began upgrading this network in Texas with a 100 gigabit ring reaching Austin, Dallas and Houston. This will provide greater reliability and capacity for its customers.

Erich Kaiser, President of The Fusion Network, said “I am extremely pleased to be joining RTA and to see the evolution of The Fusion Network into RTA’s gigFAST NETWORK providing the ability to provide faster and additional wholesale service to our customers.”

Donald Workman, Chairman of RTA added, “This acquisition is another RTA milestone and key to providing gigFAST services to rural America’s communities.”

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