Rubrik Launches Its Defensive Security Cloud

Rubrik, the Zero Trust Data Security Company, launches today its Rubrik Security Cloud to keep data safe and make it easier to recover in the face of cyber-attacks such as ransomware. Rubrik Security Cloud delivers data resiliency, data observability and data recovery to secure data across enterprise, cloud and SaaS.

With customers often leaving critical data unprotected, data resilience is crucial to defend data against cyber-attacks. When customers are attacked, it can take weeks to determine what was infected and when.

Data observability is essential to monitor data risks and to remediate threats. And, when every minute of downtime matters, data recovery ensures infected data are quarantined and business operations are restored quickly.

“Every company in the world is vulnerable as cybercriminals get more sophisticated and savvy every day,” said Bipul Sinha, Rubrik CEO and co-founder. “With Rubrik Security Cloud, we are strengthening customers’ defenses so they can secure their business across enterprise, cloud and SaaS workloads. Our data security platform enables our customers to defend their data, recover quickly and prevail in this new cyber landscape.”

As organizations struggle with cyber-attacks that compromise data, Rubrik also launched the Data Security Command Center to assess whether data are safe and capable of recovering from a cyber-attack. Now, customers can see which data are at risk and get recommendations to make them more secure.

Data Observability engine: Continuously Monitor and Remediate Risks to Data

Rubrik has unveiled its Data Observability engine with pre-built scanners for blast radius identification, sensitive data discovery and threat hunting. Now customers can use built-in machine learning to identify when, where and how cyber threats have impacted data so compromises can be resolved quickly. The Data Observability engine turns passive backup systems into active weapons of cyber defense.

Data Recovery: Quarantine Malware and Recover Quickly

Legacy recovery offerings can recover infected data back into production environments and extend business downtime. Rubrik’s Threat Containment capability contains malware and restricts user access to infected data to support safer recovery. For more information about Threat Containment and other R&D innovations.

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