SupportLogic Launches SX Platform

Following its recent SX Live conference for the support industry, SupportLogic, a support experience (SX) platform, announces today the availability of its trademarked, full SupportLogic SX Platform and supporting applications. This comes as more companies identified a proactive support experience as a critical element of a successful customer experience (CX) strategy.

The SX solution set is designed to empower the transformation of support organizations into more intelligent and proactive teams, providing an elevated support experience.

SupportLogic SX includes value-driving AI-powered applications, solving critical issues facing support organizations including:

SX Prevent: The core of the SX platform, providing AI signal extraction to power myriad predictive and actionable insights gleaned from support interactions to prevent “fire drills” and drive more proactive support.

  • SX Predict – A customer escalation prediction and prevention toolset which improves customer satisfaction (CSAT) while reducing costly escalations.
  • SX Elevate – Agent management, coaching and quality monitoring to drive improved employee satisfaction and increased retention.
  • SX Retain – Customer health scoring and churn prediction to provide support and customer success teams the tools they need to provide proactive standout experiences.

“Today more than ever, the support experience is critical to protecting and growing revenue for B2B organizations,” said Krishna Raj Raja, founder and CEO of SupportLogic. “But the value of the insights provided by SupportLogic feeds the entire business, from customer success, product teams and even sales and marketing. By offering an easy-to-deploy series of cloud solutions on the core SX platform, businesses can more easily transform their support experience and act on the key insights SX applications provide.”

Additions to the SX portfolio include enhanced case assignment and escalation capabilities, as well as further enriching CRM tools like Salesforce with SX sentiment data to drive deeper customer insights and more informed decisions.

When users of the Intelligent Case Assignment in SX Predict are assigning a case to an agent-based on AI-powered recommendations, they now have more choices:

  • Recommended – See a stack-ranked list of agents ordered by their suitability to work on this case, powered by SupportLogic’s powerful ML model. Restrict recommendations to just agents working on the queue that the case was assigned to or expand the list to include multiple queues.
  • Agent Search – If you know exactly who you want working on a case, search for a specific agent and assign it to them.
  • Route to a Different Queue – Route the case to a different queue – this is used when a case has been mistakenly associated with the wrong queue, or if queues are organized by shifts and the case must be transferred to a different team at the end of the shift

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