Securden Expands in North America

Securden has announced that the company is ramping up its North American operations and making additional investments in sales, marketing, and channel partner resources.

The move follows the unprecedented demand for solutions that make remote working secure and productive in the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. As users tend to install unapproved, pirated software and open unknown and malicious attachments, protecting endpoints from malware propagation has become the topmost challenge according to the company. When employees are handling the sensitive passwords and other digital identities outside the corporate boundaries, providing secure, seamless, and controlled access to the sensitive IT resources kept behind the corporate firewalls and securely managing the passwords have become business-critical actions.

As cybercriminals are seizing the opportunities provided by the poorly established access management procedures, rising to these challenges becomes essential. Though attackers are not confined by geographies, organizations in the US, in particular are experiencing cyberattacks at unprecedented levels. IT Managers are looking for privileged access management (PAM) solutions that address these challenges without impacting productivity or introducing additional complexities.

Securden began on a direct model and has now launched an attractive partner program to accelerate solution adoption.