SecurityFirst DataKeep Now Delivers Resilient Ransomware Recovery Solution

SecurityFirst has announced the availability a highly resilient ransomware recovery solution. DataKeep, the company’s flagship offering, delivers encrypted copy and backup, workload isolation and  geographic data distribution in object storage for added resiliency.

“What’s becoming increasingly important as a defense against ransomware is the ability to quickly recover to a known good state with the confidence that all data on the impacted server is protected and useless to the attacker,” said Jim Varner, CEO and president of SecurityFirst. “We engineered DataKeep with this in mind, building from industry leading encryption technology with a native backup that can be air-gapped and geographically dispersed in object storage, ensuring the fastest path to recovery.”

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Computer Emergency Response Team (US-CERT) recommends an effective data backup and recovery process, specifically with data isolated from the network, as the most important preventative measure against the impact of ransomware. DataKeep’s ransomware recovery solution supports these best practices with rapid recovery of critical workloads to minimize disruptions to business operations.

The key features in DataKeep that assist in resilient ransomware recovery include:

DataKeep Agents with native backup and restore capabilities: Secure backup and archival processes are an important aspect of data loss prevention and recovery from unexpected hardware and human failures. DataKeep’s file and volume encryption agents provide the ability to copy data in an encrypted state with a unique key, enabling a full or differential (only addressing key changes since the last backup) backup and restore capability, even if the top-level policy key has been rotated or deleted. This update to DataKeep delivers an additional layer of security spanning the entire journey from the active server environment to the backup storage environment.

Geographic separation using multi-location or cloud storage for optimal resiliency: Data backup storage should always be located outside of the operational network for ideal ransomware mitigation. For many businesses, cloud storage, and particularly low-cost object storage, is an effective network isolation option given its remote operation. DataKeep’s Object Store Agent can utilize data sharding to distribute data across multiple locations or cloud vendors for optimal resiliency, adding an unparalleled level of data protection. DataKeep also allows for the use of any AWS S3-compatible object storage environment to take advantage of low-cost and scalable object storage while still managing access and keys locally, including Bring Your Own Key (BYOK).

DataKeep’s ransomware recovery solution narrows the attack surface and ensures you can quickly recover your data, putting you back in control of your critical business operations.

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