Silver Peak Outlines Software-Defined WAN Strategy

Silver Peak has outlined its vision for augmenting or replacing multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) networks with enterprise-grade broadband WANs, available via channel partners.

“Early conversations around leveraging the Internet for the WAN have focused primarily on the ability to use multiple forms of connectivity and zero touch provisioning,” said David Hughes, founder and CEO of Silver Peak. “We do not believe that is enough. Despite the mounting frustration with MPLS connectivity costs and inflexibility, many customers still do not believe the Internet can provide the security and performance needed for today’s business-critical traffic. Our strategy is to deliver solutions that enable broadband WANs and offer point-and-click deployments, but also make the Internet act like a private network. The combination of these features pave the path to ‘thin’ branch offices with reduced need for multiple devices.”

According to analyst firm Gartner, “Most network managers are feeling the pain of an increasingly complicated WAN with costly and time-consuming branch office solutions. Emerging software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) solutions enable network managers to simplify the branch office by introducing a central policy manager and replacing complex routing with easily configurable path forwarding.”

Silver Peak unveiled a new set of solutions that enable customers to deploy hybrid or all-broadband WANs using multiple types of connectivity, including MPLS, cable, DSL, LTE, etc.  It comprises three new Silver Peak products:

  • Unity EdgeConnect – creates a virtual network overlay that enables customers to move to a broadband WAN, whether site-by-site, or via a hybrid WAN approach that leverages both MPLS and broadband Internet connectivity.
  • Unity Orchestrator – provides visibility into both legacy and cloud applications, and the ability to centrally assign business intent policies to secure and control all WAN traffic.
  • Unity Boost – an optional performance pack that accelerates application performance as needed.

Hughes added, “Through all the hype around SD-WANs, three core principles are clear.  To build a new enterprise-grade broadband WAN, you must create a secure overlay network that can leverage multiple types of connectivity. You also must be able to see and control all applications, and you need to give users consistent and reliable performance. If done correctly, over time customers can begin to reduce the amount of infrastructure needed to support branch locations. Silver Peak is best-positioned to help customers meet these requirements.”