SIP Spotlight: Ingate’s SIParator/Firewall S22, S42 and S82

Ingate made a big product announcement during 4Q19, replacing its popular SIParator S21 session border controller (SBC) appliance to enable SIP based VoIP with the SIParator/Firewall S22. At ITExpo the company is unveiling the SIParator/Firewall 42 and SIParator/Firewall 82.

The S22 is physically smaller than its predecessor, but scales to manage up to 800 simultaneous calls. That is twice as many as the S21. Plus, the S22 comes with a 19-inch rack mount kit that serves as a tray so that two appliances can sit side by side—occupying just 1U of space.

According to Ingate GM Steven Johnson, while the S22 expands the capacity of Ingate’s low-end, highly reliable and very robust SIParator, the S22 is priced the same as the S21.

“This device can serve many more organizations than the SIParator 21, which supported 400 calls,” Johnson continued. “And it has all of the same functions that you will find in our larger machines.”

In addition, Ingate is announcing the availability of the S42 which can handle up to 2,000 simultaneous VoIP calls. It replaces Ingate’s SIParator/Firewall 52 and predecessor products in  a smaller form factor.

The S82, which is also being released at ITExpo, has a maximum capacity of 4,000 simultaneous VoIP calls, making it a high-capacity solution that challenges server-type SBCs. It is the same smaller, physical size as the new S42 and is competitively priced.

Ingate’s product family also includes the S95, S97 and S98 which support 4,000, 8,000, and 20,000 calls respectively.

What’s more, Ingate offers a software-only solution which can be installed on a virtual machine, as well as an SBC for cloud installations.

“Our software can run on AWS, Google, Azure, or any OpenStack solution,” Johnson said. “Ingate has a very flexible and expansive range of installation options that are perfect for companies and call centers who transition from the PSTN to VoIP.”

Johnson also spoke about the company’s flexible distribution network.

“We have OEM arrangements with large PBX vendors,” Johnson said. “Larger resellers buy from us in a direct way so there’s no distributor in between us.”

At the same time, the company works through boutique distributors like Computer Telephony Distributing out of Greenville, South Carolina. According to Johnson, CTD knows Ingate’s product and company extremely well making them a great resource for resellers who might be looking for a distributor or a channel to purchase their products.

John P. Groce, VP of Sales at CTD, commented on the partnership.

“CT Distributing has a long-standing relationship with Ingate which spans over 12 years,” Groce said. “CTD now serves as the fulfillment and technical assistance center to all US/CA locations. In addition, CTD is a distributor of the product to VARs with unique applications in SIP routing and interfacing with different IP systems.”

Groce also spoke about the current demand that they’re seeing for SIP, and the value that the SIParator S22 brings to the table.

“SIP is the undisputed standard for IP telecommunications and SIP lines have become commonplace in businesses of all sizes,” Groce said. “Unfortunately, SIP is susceptible to a wide range of issues from misbehaving ALG settings on firewalls to basic multi-vendor interoperability. The Ingate products fix those issues and add a much-needed layer of security between the telecom network and the public internet.”