Snom Americas Endorses Telecom Innovation at VON Events

Snom Americas announced its support for VON: Evolution and VON: Builder, a three-day gathering of forward-thinking telecom industry executives and developers curated by telecom luminary and Vonage founder Jeff Pulver. The two events are scheduled Tuesday through Thursday in New York City, with the developer-focused VON: Builder set for Tuesday, in the offices of Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, followed by VON: Evolution at City Winery on Wednesday and Thursday.

The two pioneering events underscore a collaborative vision for the enduring evolution of telephony, reminiscent of the groundbreaking endeavors of Alexander Graham Bell, carried forward by Pulver in the digital realm.

VON: Evolution and VON: Builder will facilitate a confluence of industry stalwarts, innovators and stakeholders to explore and shape the telecom ecosystem’s evolving dynamics. By supporting these events, Snom Americas extends its commitment to a vibrant, forward-thinking telecom landscape that melds the functionality of desk and wireless phones with emerging telecommunication technologies.

“Our support of VON: Evolution and VON: Builder, with Jeff Pulver, amplifies our commitment to champion an innovative telecom ecosystem,” said Marc Magliano, Snom Americas Vice President Channel Business for the Americas. “With the cessation of Bell Labs, a void in telephony advancement was created, yet the VON events historically carried the torch for innovation in telephony. VON: Evolution and VON: Builder are worthy successors to that tradition, and we are honored to be a part of this visionary endeavor.”

For more than 25 years, Pulver has been at the forefront of a telecom renaissance, envisioning and driving the sector toward a future brimming with potential. His efforts in the field of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) parallel Bell’s innovative strides in the early days of the telephone.

Pulver’s advocacy for internet freedom and his foundational role in the VoIP sphere, exemplified by the establishment of Vonage and the “Pulver Order” by the FCC, echo Bell’s transformative impact on the telecom sector.

“The alliance with Snom Americas amplifies our joint mission to nurture and advance the telecom sector,” Pulver said. “By fusing tradition with innovation, we strive to uphold the relevance and utility of desk phones amidst the burgeoning digital communication domain.”

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