Snom Americas Revolutionizes Business Communication with Trio of New Products

Snom Americas – the “Official Phone of IT Expo” – announced plans to demonstrate three new products at this year’s IT Expo Supershow, February 13-15 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The three DECT-based telephony products include the Snom M900/M400 DECT base stations, a series of wireless DECT phones, and the A190 DECT Headset.

The Snom M900/M400 DECT Series pioneers wireless communication, with the M900, M900 Outdoor and M400 base stations all marking business communication advancement. Tailored for industries such as healthcare, logistics and hospitality, these devices offer extended range and robust connectivity. They are built for durability with advanced features such as over-the-air updates, PoE, DECT 6.0 and security protocols, making them suitable for different environments, including office, outdoor and industrial locations. The series also incorporates DECT 6.0 technology to provide secure and reliable communication.

“The M900/M400 Series exemplifies our commitment to meet and exceed the dynamic communication demands of businesses,” said Marc Magliano, VP of Channel Business, Americas, Snom Americas. “We are equally excited to demonstrate their capabilities at IT Expo, enabling our distributors, MSPs, and resellers to see and sell the most advanced telephony solutions available.”

Snom’s latest range of cordless phones embody a perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and functional excellence. Each model caters to specific business needs, offering a seamless user experience. These phones integrate the latest in technology, ensuring connectivity, sound quality and user-friendliness.

“Our DECT phones, headset and base stations are a testament to Snom’s dedication to combining sleek design with practicality, enhancing the modern business workspace,” added Magliano.

The Snom M900/M400 series consists of various DECT devices, each catering to different needs, including:

  • M900 Base Station: A DECT multicell base station capable of scaling up to 1,000 units and supporting up to 4,000 handsets. It handles eight concurrent calls per station.
  • M900 Outdoor: Similar to the M900, this outdoor version is designed for a wide temperature range and is water-protected (IP55 rated).
  • M400 base station, part of the Snom DECT series, is designed for robust, high-performance wireless communication in various professional settings, featuring advanced technology like DECT 6.0 and secure data encryption.
  • M90: An antibacterial DECT handset with integrated Bluetooth.
  • M80: A rugged DECT handset with IP65 housing and an alarm key.
  • M70: An office DECT handset, hearing-aid compatible.
  • M30: An entry-level DECT handset with a 2-inch color LCD.
  • M85: An industrial handset, also IP65 rated.
  • M65: A professional handset with HD audio.
  • M6: A repeater to extend the range of the base stations.

“These products are all designed for diverse environments like enterprises, healthcare facilities and industrial settings, with the handsets (M90, M85, M80, M70) also being compatible with Bluetooth headsets,” said Magliano.

Each M900 base station will support 30 connected handsets and eight concurrent calls in narrowband. There are also two channels reserved for roaming between the base station cells for roaming through the installed environment, with a total of ten channels per base. The M900 solution also supports texting to handsets; this feature is used for healthcare, warehouse locations, and hospitality installations.

Snom also has a built-in site survey mode to facilitate the DECT multicell installation. By overlapping base stations based on the survey results, efficient roaming between the cells of multiple M900 base stations is achieved.

In addition to the base station and wireless handsets, the Snom M900 series also includes the A190 DECT Headset, a game-changer in professional communication. Designed for comfort and clarity, this headset is ideal for prolonged use in various professional settings. It promises superior audio quality and ergonomic design, ensuring durability.

“The A190 headset is a key innovation, designed to improve communication in professional environments significantly,” Magliano added. “Coupled with our significant presence at the IT Expo Supershow, Snom Americas reaffirms our commitment and position as a pioneer in business communication technology. These products represent Snom’s relentless pursuit of innovation, quality, and excellence in meeting the diverse needs of businesses globally.”

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