SoftBank C&S Preps Adallom Cloud Security Launch

SoftBank Commerce & Service (C&S) Corp is preparing for the launch of the Adallom cloud access platform in Japan, with availability expected soon.

SoftBank C&S is Japan’s largest information and communication technology distributor, with a focus on SaaS businesses and SaaS applications such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps and Dropbox for Business. Adallom’s platform is a complementary addition, as it provides security for the cloud apps within SoftBank C&S’s portfolio, as a value-add.

“As Japan’s largest information and communications technology distributor, adding Adallom to our technology portfolio is critical to ensuring that our sales partners have access to the world’s leading technology solutions. This agreement is good news for millions of business users in Japan and addresses a growing security need in the market,” said Kenichi Harayama, vice president of SoftBank C&S.

As the adoption of cloud-based applications continues to grow, one of the biggest challenges for IT organizations is how to deliver governance, compliance and security for sensitive corporate data in the cloud. Adallom’s purpose-built cloud application security platform was designed to address these challenges, and aims to govern application usage, address compliance mandates, enable data protection and protect users from threats in real-time.

“Cloud applications are a vital and growing part of enterprise IT, driving huge demand for security controls, governance and compliance for corporate assets in the cloud,” said Assaf Rappaport, co-founder and CEO at Adallom. “Adallom offers comprehensive controls, and has been tested and proven effective by innovative enterprises worldwide as the only cloud security platform to detect and thwart attacks in the cloud in real-time. Our agreement with SoftBank C&S further extends that protection to businesses throughout Japan.”