Sponsored Content: 5 Reasons to White-Label Your SD-WAN with Multapplied

This article was sponsored by Multapplied Networks, a leading SD-WAN enabler. 

Reselling SD-WAN is no different than selling technologies like Desktop as a Service or Firewall as a Service. Ultimately, there are two options available.

The standard approach is to partner with a traditional SD-WAN vendor and offer their branded service—essentially, playing by their rules every step of the way (while forking over a large chunk of your profits). With this option, you also wind up helping the provider win customers, instead of helping your own company.

Here is the other approach you can take:

White label Multapplied’s SD-WAN solution, and make your own rules as you go along. You will produce significantly higher margins, and deliver a superior service that you own and control.

Here are five reasons to white label your SD-WAN with Multapplied:

1. Leverage multi-tenant spaces: Most SD-WAN vendors won’t allow you to set your own policies and configurations when deploying their software.

Multapplied, however, offers multi-tenant spaces which enable you to compartmentalize aggregators, aggregated links, users and other resources into groups. Each one of your customers can have their own IP subnet assignments, private WAN settings and user interface branding options.

In other words, you and your customers have total flexibility and control over their SD-WAN deployment. You can build your own wholesale program.

2. Sell your own SD-WAN: Most SD-WAN vendors aren’t lining up to promote your company. Why should you give them free advertising by selling their logo? You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your own brand to sell SD-WAN.

With Multapplied, the process is a bit different.

Here’s how it works:

You purchase a core software license and install our software in your data center, virtual machines or cloud instances. Your customers can then opt to receive either a white box or virtual CPE, depending on their preference. You have full control and ownership of your network infrastructure right to the customer edge. And if you’re providing managed services, you’ll be able to control quality of service and connectivity from your data center, through the last mile connectivity into the customer LAN.

At the end of the day, it will be YOUR service and your SD-WAN solution the customer will be using, not ours. We’ll serve as a silent partner, instead of taking the credit.

3. Leverage your own infrastructure: Your company has put a great deal of time, effort and money into building a strong infrastructure. You shouldn’t have to rely on someone else’s when distributing SD-WAN.

With Multapplied, you can use your own assets. You will have full control over what data comes through your data center, as well as how you process and prioritize traffic.

4. Customize SD-WAN: As a provider, you want to be able to build and deploy SD-WAN services that can meet the specific needs of you and your customers. After all, no two networks are alike and so flexibility is critical for success.

Multapplied allows you to determine the exact level and type of firmware that you want to deploy—be it a separate device at a customer site, virtualized on a CPE or a single cloud deployment above a private WAN. You have the ability to determine what works best.

5. Charge what—and how—you want: With our white label SD-WAN comes the ability to decide how much you want to charge. Our pricing model is designed to let you win, in a few different ways.

First of all, we offer flexible pricing on a subscription basis. Our model is designed to grow as your revenue does, without locking you into a long term licensing agreement.

What’s more, you can charge however you like—charge per port, by the amount of bandwidth, by site, or bundle it into your monthly managed service fees. It’s completely up to you.

This means that you create your own margins. You can offer the cheapest SD-WAN in the industry, or sell it at a premium price.

Ultimately, that’s your call. What you charge depends entirely on your brand, and your objectives.

While we won’t tell you what to charge, we’re certainly willing to help advise you. Just give us a call or send us an email and we’d be happy to give our two cents.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

Welcome to Multapplied.

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