Sponsored Content: Improve CX with a Proper UC System

This post was sponsored by Bicom Systems, a leading provider of VoIP phone systems and cloud services.

As a business owner, you want your customers to have the best experience. Throughout the stages of the purchasing process, the customer has the upper hand against vendors. One bad review can do more damage than a thousand good ones and the customer can switch to your biggest competitor in the blink of an eye. 

Bad customer experiences often occur in support calls. Some common examples where a user would have to call support are: 

● Spending a fair amount of money on a product that doesn’t work when you bring it home;

● Receiving an incorrect amount on a bill;

● Having a bad experience in a hotel or restaurant; and

● Breaking out in a rash after using a new body wash or cream.

Now you have a very mad customer calling the support line and taking out their frustration on an agent. Imagine being in the customer’s shoes and not having your problem solved or compensated because the agent did not have the proper tools to do their job.

One of the major reasons the agent does not have the proper tools is because they do not have the right UC platform. Having the right unified communications platform is extremely important. Certain platforms offer different features and applications. However, the right UC platform should ultimately help customers connect and communicate more easily and effectively. 

Here are some of the features your UC solution should have for your agent to help that angry customer. 

A User-Friendly Interface:We are currently in a time where some of the most tech-savvy employees still type with one finger. Having a user-friendly interface is extremely important for your end user. The employee must be able to access files and information in a timely and professional manner. If they are using a confusing interface, it will be that much difficult for them to do the job. 

Agent Monitoring:  Make sure your communication solution has an option for supervisors to monitor agents calls. Allowing a supervisor to oversee all calls is extremely important. It will not only ensure that your agents are working effectively, but will give them a sense of reassurance that you are there to ask questions. Supervisors can listen in on active calls without the caller knowing and help the agent solve the problem together. 

CRM Integration: The ability to integrate your CRM system into your PBX will help agents immensely! Making calls directly from your CRM will allow agents to be more organized, keep better track of their customers and improve customer relationships. With CRM Integration, comes CRM routing.

CRM Routing​ is designed to route calls to a specific Queue, person or anywhere based on the information provided in the CRM. It will get your customers to the correct agent quickly because today, no one has time to wait when they need a problem resolved as soon as possible.

Automatic Call Distribution:  Imagine already being frustrated and then getting put on hold? Imagine that ‘quick’ hold turning into an hour waiting in the queue, listening to outdated elevator music? That already frustrated customer just got extremely mad. Implementing an Automatic Call Distribution system can help customers on the line by routing them to a specific agent. The call can be sent to the most suitable agent, based on their skill set, who can handle the caller’s needs properly. 

Queue Statistics and Report : As per the last point, the ability to reduce on-hold queues is extremely important. Seeing real-time statistics gives supervisors an in-depth insight into agent activity, inbound/outbound calls, queue traffic etc. This will give companies a better idea of how many agents to have on at a time to handle the incoming traffic and decrease the number of customers on hold. 

Do your employees have these features to work with? If not, send us an email at sales@bicomsystems.com​ and we can chat about ​PBXware​. PBXware has all these features and more!

Laura Kyle is a marketing assistant for Bicom Systems (www.bicomsystems.com)