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How many times do you hit ​“remind me later” when an update pops up on your mobile device or computer? It never seems to be the right time for you to pause what you’re doing and wait for the download to install.

A company releases an update to give their customers and users the best and newest version. Technology is constantly changing every day and developers need to stay ahead of the trends. Although it is so tempting to put it off, you’ll thank yourself later. Especially, if you are a business owner. Continue reading this blog post and we will explain the importance of software updates. 

When you ignore or delay your update, you: 

Expose Yourself to Security Threats: There are flaws in all software systems. Updates improve the security features of the software. Hackers are constantly trying to access private information and find holes in the software. Updates fix these holes, leaving hackers back at square one. Security fixes are important for individuals but are extremely important for a large corporation. Do not wait until the security breach happens, prevent it by doing your updates. 

Fall Behind on Trends: Software updates can include new features and remove older applications. Sometimes with big software updates, the whole platform changes and looks new and different. Although some consumers do not like change, the device needs to stay up with newer trends. Improvements that come with updates make it easier for consumers to use. Updates also need to happen to ensure compatibility with new devices and applications. To ensure you are using the latest products in the industry, it is important to participate in updates. 

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Potentially Miss Out on Beta Testing:  In a ​previous post​, we talked about the benefits of Beta Testing for Resellers. Beta Testing is when users can submit feedback on the update, along with likes and dislikes. It gives them a chance to release their ideas and share what they would want the application, platform or software to do. If you put off doing the update, you will miss out on the Beta Testing version and miss out on sharing your thoughts about the update. 

Decrease the Lifespan of the Hardware: Hardware and software go together like peanut butter and jelly. But we all know, if the jelly is expired, the sandwich isn’t going to taste good. Updating your software is very important for your hardware’s lifespan. Software updates will ensure that everything is working properly inside and hardware malfunctions are limited. To avoid having to purchase new hardware, do your software updates. 

You and your customers deserve the best of the best. Companies want to give you the best possible versions of their products. Technology is changing and software is constantly being improved by developers. Take the time out of your day to do your updates and leave the snooze button to your alarm clock.

Laura Kyle is a marketing assistant for Bicom Systems (www.bicomsystems.com)

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