Sponsored Content: What to Look for in Virtual Meeting Software

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Today, many virtual meeting software options are available. And thanks to COVID-19, a lot of this software has been free! But as restrictions are beginning to lift, so are the free trials.

After working from home for so long, you and your team have become accustomed to meeting virtually. Once back in the office, employers will be excited to implement virtual meeting software in the workplace. However, many vulnerabilities were exposed in virtual meeting software during the pandemic.

Now that users need to choose software they must pay for, it makes finding a reliable solution more critical. To help with the search, below are some points to look for.

Major Innovation

Virtual meeting software must keep up with emerging trends. As new technology emerges, you want your system to grow with it. Look for a company that is continuously innovating its solutions with the end-user in mind.


The software you choose is only as great as the person using it. It should be designed with a user-friendly interface with the end-user in mind for usability. With the click of a button, you should be able to meet with colleagues, friends, or family. You can give someone all the tools in the world, but they will fail if they do not know how to use them.

Audio complications, fuzzy video, and meeting crashes are not how you want to start the day. If you can’t depend on your software, it will stop the flow of your current meetings and the schedule of future ones. When choosing software, find out:

  • The Video Quality
  • Compatibility with External Devices
  • Audio Options

Users should also ensure that the software is reliable for the growth of their company.

  • How many participants can you have in a meeting?
  • How many licenses can you purchase?
  • Is the software scalable?
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Unless you have been living under a rock this entire pandemic, it is undeniable that Zoom took over the internet by rising to the top of the virtual meeting market. As per CBNC, “Zoom said daily users spiked to 200 million in March, up from 10 million in December.”  However, as fast as they advanced, so did the security vulnerabilities. Many users experienced “ZoomBombing” – which is when uninvited guests join private meetings and distribute them.

Uninvited guests joining a private meeting is extremely dangerous! Not only for the risk of confidential information getting leaked, but also for hackers infesting your malware. Security is the most important factor when choosing virtual meeting software. Look for a password-protected solution, updated regularly, that has the option to only allow authenticated users into the meeting.

More than Video Conferencing

Unified Communications is all about unifying your communication outlets. Look for a solution that does just that! Sure, video conferencing is great, but it doesn’t hurt to look for more. While video conferencing, some solutions allows users to

  • Screen Share
  • File Share
  • Group Chat
  • Drag and Drop Contacts
  • Invite Non-Users into the Meeting

The above tiny features offer a competitive advantage against other meeting software on the market.

If you are looking for virtual meeting software that checks all the boxes and does more than video conference, look no further than gloCOM Meeting.  Visit our website to contact our sales team or send them an email at sales@bicomsystems.com to learn more.

Laura Kyle is a Social Media Associate for Bicom Systems.