Spryker, Publicis Sapient Announce Partnership

Spryker, a composable commerce platform for sophisticated commerce use cases in B2B, enterprise marketplaces and thing commerce, and Publicis Sapient, a digital business transformation company, have announced their partnership to make composability for enterprises more accessible. Spryker will combine its composable commerce platform with Publicis Sapient’s expertise to deliver enterprise-scale digital experiences.

Global enterprises are faced with high customer expectations, sophisticated use cases and constantly changing markets. Monolithic architectures don’t have the agility required to adapt to these challenges.

Spryker’s composable platform, designed for sophisticated use cases, offers an approach that provides enterprises with the flexibility needed to adapt to uncertainty. Paired with Publicis Sapient’s experience in designing and implementing complex digital platforms, enterprise customers will be able to accelerate their digital business transformation journeys and deliver exceptional digital commerce experiences.

“This partnership brings us together in the space to empower enterprise customers to stay ahead of the competition and achieve their business objectives through innovative, technology-driven solutions,” said Jon Panella, group VP of Global Commerce Practice at Publicis Sapient. “Spryker’s composability allows businesses to create highly sophisticated and scalable commerce platforms, ensuring a future-proof digital commerce strategy. Together, we will enable our enterprise customers to achieve digital excellence and drive growth and innovation in their businesses.”

Publicis Sapient’s industry-specific knowledge and data-driven insights allow the company to create customized solutions to meet the needs of each client and its global reach ensures the ability to deliver solutions at scale, anywhere in the world. Its commerce practice specializes in creating exceptional digital commerce experiences that increase sales and boost customer engagement.

For more information, visit publicissapient.com or go to https://spryker.com