SwiftStack, Cisco Partner on Enterprise Cloud

Cloud reseller SwiftStack is collaborating with Cisco to further deliver a turnkey enterprise cloud solution.

The integration of SwiftStack 4.0 with Cisco Metapod enables enterprise customers to build public cloud storage capabilities into their on-premises data centers. The new solution is available from Cisco and builds on SwiftStack’s membership in the Cisco Solution Partner Program.

“The largest IT consumers worldwide trust Cisco as a strategic supplier, making this cloud infrastructure reseller collaboration especially synergistic,” said Don Jaworski, CEO, SwiftStack. “As the only object storage product powered by OpenStack Software, SwiftStack natively integrates with other Cisco cloud products, and delivers turnkey storage to any enterprise looking to bring the power of public cloud storage behind their firewall in their data centers.”

Metapod is a production-ready, OpenStack-based, on-premises solution that is engineered, deployed and managed by Cisco for enterprises, developers and researchers. SwiftStack provides object storage for data-centric workloads that directly integrates with Cisco Metapod and Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS). The solution can be delivered either as a Cisco-managed service with Cisco Metapod or self-managed, and customers can monitor their multi-site storage from an easy-to-use browser interface.

“Competition and agility are driving the increased need for IT organizations to deliver cloud-like services for their internal customers,” added Alan Waldman, VP of product development at Cisco. “Cisco is working with SwiftStack to provide enterprises with a low-risk solution for scaling compute and storage on-premises for unstructured data workloads as well as new storage consumption models for the Internet of Things.”

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