Securematics Announces E-Rate Advantage Program for Partners

Specialty distributor Securematics has announced that its E-Rate Advantage Program has empowered channel partners to secure more than $5 million in annual contract revenues to date.

Announced in August 2015, Securematics E-Rate Advantage Program makes it easier and more profitable for channel and vendor partners to compete for K-12 business.

“Providing $3.9 billion dollars in funding annually to support discounts ranging from 20 to 90 percent on technology purchases, the E-Rate program offers our channel partners a tremendous opportunity to grow their businesses while helping schools and libraries procure up-to-date technology, future-proof their networks and more effectively prepare students for 21st century learning,” said Christopher Lee, senior director of business development at Securematics. “When we launched the Securematics E-Rate Advantage Program last year, we found many of our channel partners were not participating in E-Rate because they were simply unaware, or too late in the sales cycle to effectively compete. This was a huge miss that we have been diligently working to address, and we are proud to see our partners experience such great success in 2016 through this program.”

The Securematics E-Rate Advantage Program offers channel partners a various targeted sales and support resources including:

  • Sales Pipeline Development: Identification of early sales opportunities, demand generation programs and Form 470 and Form 471 analysis and notifications.
  • Pre- and Post-Sales Technical Support: E-Rate readiness and assessment, as well as technical training and certifications from vendor partners.
  • Deal Registration and Opportunity Mapping: Opportunity protection and competitive pricing, special financing programs and vendor alignment.
  • Sales and Marketing Resources: A dedicated E-rate sales specialist, product specialist, RFP response team and geography heat maps.

As a specialty distributor, Securematics also has strategic relationships with secure networking vendors including Juniper Networks, Ruckus, Pulse Secure and Dell SonicWALL.

“We are able to do a lot of the legwork for our channel and vendor partners, especially when it comes to getting ahead of E-Rate RFPs,” said Brian Vincik, vice president and general manager at Securematics. “Our top priority is to provide our channel partners with the insight, training, technology and support needed to meet customers’ needs and grow their E-Rate businesses more profitably, and we look forward to continuing to help them build on the success they have already achieved through this program.”

“Securematics’ responsiveness and ability to work with our team to ensure we are providing our end-user customers with the best pricing possible when it comes to E-Rate is extremely valuable,” added Andy Lingenfelter, president and managing partner at Securematics partner Concord Technology Group in Cleveland, Ohio. “We have been fortunate to be invited to attend several Securematics E-Rate Events and we have found them to be very valuable in helping us to understand the E-Rate process and take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to us. These events have also provided a great networking experience with others that share the same vision and goals for their companies in the E-Rate business arena.”