Swimlane Announces Channel and Technical Alliances Programs

Swimlane has launched a channel program, and a technical alliances program.

Swimlane’s channel program includes a tiered certification program that enables its partners to put SOAR capabilities—by way of demos and POCs—in front of those who need them most.

Based on their level of engagement, partners can also be trained to provide professional services for the Swimlane platform.

The channel program offers tiered certification; variable discounts for channel-in and channel-out opportunities; and a simple pricing model based on the number of end users with no cost for alerts, actions, or integrations, according to the company.

Current channel program members include Bayside Solutions, GuidePoint, Mission Critical, Tevora and Trace3, among others.

Continuing the mission of maintaining strong partnerships and alliances to address the complexity of security today, the Swimlane technical alliances program helps Swimlane technology partners get better access to the team, product and community.

The program allows vendors to create integrations faster and foster stronger bonds with technology partners.

Swimlane also continues to participate in other organizations’ partnership programs.

Swimlane’s SOAR solution is now also available on Linux with support for Docker and Kubernetes, allowing for an improved DevSecOps approach to cybersecurity.