Symmetry Systems Raises $15 Million for Hybrid-Cloud Data Security

Symmetry Systems, provider of data store and object security (DSOS), announced a $15 million Series A funding round led by Prefix Capital and ForgePoint Capital, two venture funds investing in foundational and transformative technologies. The investment will support the company’s rapid growth in revenue, customers and employees.

This latest funding round also featured participation from Accenture Ventures and Symmetry Systems is now part of Project Spotlight, its engagement and investment program that connects emerging technology software startups with the Global 2000 to fill strategic innovation gaps.

In addition, this round includes leading practitioners, such as Tom Gonser, founder of DocuSign; Omkhar Arasarathnam, engineering director at Google Cloud; Bob Gleichauf, EVP at InQTel and ex-CTO at Cisco; David Tsao, VP of Security Engineering at Marqeta; and Sameer Sait, CISO at Amazon Whole Foods.

“At Symmetry, we believe that privacy enables individuals to have agency over their future, and that privacy and data security has to be built into infrastructure — cloud today and the edge tomorrow,” said Mohit Tiwari, CEO and co-founder of Symmetry Systems. “Our work guards what matters most — data — and enables security teams to see through complex cloud permissions, accesses, and data types over billions of data objects.”

In today’s hybrid cloud environment, data spans across databases, object stores and data lakes. Users, developers, supply-chain vendors and contractors all get to data via a web of roles and applications. Symmetry Systems’ flagship solution, DataGuard, provides unified visibility into data objects across all data stores, answering data security and compliance questions that traditional cloud security tools cannot.

DataGuard enables cloud- and security-operations to understand and systematically control data risks – defining the path to zero trust for data – while baking in compliance and incident response into infrastructure-as-code.

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