TBI & RTech Solutions Announce Partnership

TBI is now offering RTech bundled solutions. Each bundle includes industry-leading hardware and major U.S. carrier data in a simple and cost-effective as-a-service package. The addition of RTech’s services provides channel partners with dependable, OPEX-friendly, all-in-one connectivity solutions for common business applications like business continuity, primary internet connectivity, POTS-over-LTE, IoT, and standalone data.

Popular features of RTech bundles include cross-carrier data pooling, one simple fixed-cost bill for all hardware and data, and data analytics and device management tools, among others. Businesses no longer have to purchase hardware, coordinate with multiple carriers, or complete burdensome paperwork. TBI and RTech Solutions are also committed to supporting its sales teams by delivering a simple, low-touch process and exceptional backend support.

In addition to automated backup internet, RTech connectivity services are ideal for point-of-sale systems, surveillance, digital signage, kiosks, ATMs, utility monitoring, and mobile networks. RTech services can quickly deploy reliable and secure network connectivity, as demonstrated by a nationwide retailer with 3,500 locations nationwide.