Tech Data Expands SmartForce IoT with Propel GPS

Tech Data has expanded its SmartForce internet of things (IoT) portfolio, offered by its Smart IoT Solutions practice, through a strategic partnership with Propel GPS.

Propel GPS, a Virginia-based solution provider, also with an office in North Carolina, offers an IoT/cloud-based platform for assets of all types, with vertical market applications in commercial vehicle fleet, transportation, utilities and construction equipment management.

The Propel GPS solution delivers asset and temperature monitoring, along-route virtual geographic boundaries and fleet tracking. The software supports full reporting capabilities by vehicle, fleet, driver or team, allowing for a reduction in cost and an increase in productivity. From the truck to the back office, Propel GPS can be used to monitor all metrics pertaining to truck maintenance, driver performance and the protection of the contents of the trailer—including the key element of driver hours through e-Log reporting to meet legal requirements.

“The partnership between Tech Data and Propel creates a compelling IoT solution customized for our partners and their end customers,” said Angie McCourt, vice president IoT Solutions Group, Americas at Tech Data. “We’re leveraging the power of the Propel team’s 20+ years of experience in this space, in conjunction with our strategic partner relationships and market know-how, to offer a better a customer experience and value, as well as a high level of service.”

Tech Data officially launched its IoT solutions practice in 2016 to target specific verticals such as smart spaces, transportation/logistics, manufacturing and retail.

“We founded Propel GPS as a cloud-based IoT business five years ago as a platform to positively disrupt the status quo asset management and sensor service providers,” said Rick Burtner, CEO, Propel GPS. “With our cloud platform, customers have real-time access to their data and don’t have to worry about their legacy infrastructure in the transportation, telematics, agriculture and oil and gas markets. Partnering with Tech Data is an example of this philosophy, where we can synergize our two companies’ respective strengths to create and build innovative solutions as a go-to provider for our combined customers.”