Telefónica Germany Consolidates Billing with Telarix

Telefónica Germany has completed the rollout of Telarix’s billing and settlement systems into their fixed and mobile networks.

The integration has created a single, company-wide billing, reporting and traffic management platform capable of serving all of Telefonica Germany’s departments. This makes Telefónica Germany the first carrier to automate its billing system based on origin versus destination.

“With Telarix, we have been able to convert our complex, segmented system into one comprehensive platform inclusive of both domestic and international billing,” said Maria Mehrens, director, carrier management and roaming at Telefonica Germany. “We now have access to consistent, company-wide data, have integrated business support in each step of the value chain, are SOX compliant and, most importantly, we are poised for growth.”

Recently, market conditions have changed requiring carriers to switch from B# (destination-based) rating to rating based on A# (origin) + B# (destination) for routing, trading and billing. The Telarix deployment at Telefónica Germany includes the incorporation of origin-based A# rating, routing, trading and billing.

“While trade volumes continue to increase and become more complex, carrier and reseller numbers are also growing exponentially causing regulatory changes to occur. These industry changes are forcing carriers to look at their systems differently,” said Telarix’s vice president of sales, EMEA, Wolfram Thielen.

He added, “Telefonica Germany’s decision to simplify their systems, through this partnership, has enabled them to deal with this complexity, improve efficiencies, protect revenue, realize significant cost savings and increase visibility into their networks. Automating and incorporating the regulatory changes A# rating has placed on carriers was another key component to the success of this partnership and integration.”