TELEHOUSE Gains HIPAA Compliance

TELEHOUSE has uphas updated its policies and procedures to conform to the requirements and addressables for a business associate under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Final Omnibus Rule.

As of July 2014, TELEHOUSE is capable of signing a Business Associate Agreement as is required under the HIPAA regulations, so it can provide its services to “Covered Healthcare Entities” (CE) as well as other vendors to various healthcare industries.

To assist in its updates, TELEHOUSE employed the assistance of HIPAA Continuity Planners and the Compliancy Group’s “Guard” software.

“The need to comply with HIPAA has placed increased pressure on medical groups, practitioners and healthcare IT leaders who not only have to ensure, but prove their systems and practices are compliant enough to protect patient health information, as well as their vendors who have access to patient health information,” said Akio Sugeno, vice president of Internet engineering, operations and business development at TELEHOUSE. “Educating employees about Information Security and establishing rock solid daily practices are paramount to address the requirements of HIPAA. Since a lack of comprehensive security framework can cause irrevocable damage, healthcare organizations are turning to Telehouse for the proper security solutions. By offering high standards of security framework and practices, Telehouse makes complying with HIPAA simple and hassle-free for all healthcare providers and practitioners.”


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